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Yasam Ayavefe

About Me

Meet Dr. Yasam Ayavefe, an accomplished business leader and philanthropist with a diverse background in numerous sectors. With a keen insight into human nature, he has built his fortune by investing in some of the most lucrative opportunities of his time. Ayavefe is well-known internationally for his ability to create new opportunities for bright individuals and open doors that change lives.

Ayavefe serves as the Chairman of the Board of Milaya Capital Limited, a company he founded in 2017. The company’s vision is to build a sustainable future, and under Ayavefe’s leadership, it has gained a reputation for transparency and efficiency. His approach has resulted in strong returns across the markets, creating substantial dividends for a company still in its early stages.

Ayavefe’s career history demonstrates his deep understanding of global trends and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. He began his telecommunications programming and cybersecurity career in Turkey and Cyprus before expanding his investments to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the UK, and the Balkans. He now holds leadership roles in several companies spanning multiple sectors, including blockchain, real estate, hospitality, textiles, telecom, construction, and import-export.

Despite having a portfolio loaded with successful investments in the tech sector, Ayavefe also understands the larger trends at play. He recognizes that tensions, tariffs, and taxes affecting China and the US will eventually affect the bottom lines of his investments and those of his clients. As a result, he prepares for potential impacts and adapts accordingly.

Ayavefe’s commitment to his work extends beyond his role as a business leader. He is also a dedicated philanthropist with a strong passion for the welfare of our Earth. Through his work with Milaya Capital Limited and other organizations, he contributes significantly to building a better world for future generations.



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