About Me

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe is a business leader and philanthropist specializing in various sectors; he managed to build his fortune by investing in some of the most lucrative opportunities of his time. Well-known internationally, his life as a leader has been marked by insightful observations and an innate understanding of human nature. A commitment to the welfare of our Earth has marked his life as a philanthropist.

Current Roles & Duties

Ayavefe is the Chairman of the Board of Milaya Capital Limited, a company wholly owned by its management. Founded in 2017 with Ayavefe as a core stakeholder, the company’s vision is to build a world with a sustainable future. By untangling itself from banking or insurance control, Dr. Ayavefe is free to steer the company in a way that meshes with his business ethics. By prioritizing transparency and efficiency, he’s quickly built the company’s reputation.

His underlying approach has sparked the company’s attention, resulting in strong returns across the markets. The dividends have been substantial for a company still in its early stages. Ayavefe sees it as his responsibility to create new opportunities for bright people, opening doors that will change the lives of those he works with. He’s always looking for bright individuals with a handle on what they’re looking for from their portfolios.

Career History

Yasam Ayavefe was young when he started his career. He made his first moves in telecommunications programming and cybersecurity in Turkey and Cyprus. This initial decision from Ayavefe would prove to be the hallmark of his career. He first used his understanding of the products and services offered in a particular sector and then adapted his knowledge to fit what was happening on the world stage. It didn’t take him long to realize this was his right decision. His next investments were in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the UK, and the Balkans, rolling one success into another.

In addition to being Chairman at Milaya, he’s the CEO of Oxotech, MNM Holdings LTD, Pinoroza, and Nevzat Barcin. These companies span sectors, including blockchain, real estate, hospitality, textiles, telecom, construction, and import-export. Before these companies, he was the CEO of Ayavefe LTD and Delsim Communications and a partner provider for the UK- and Spain-based telecom companies.

Ayavefe knows certain markets. For instance, his portfolio is loaded with successful investments in the tech sector, and he’s been asked by numerous outlets and individuals for his expert opinion on different subject matters. However, his career history also strongly reflects how well he understands the larger trends at play. When China and the US are locked in battle, the effects on prices can travel farther and wider than many people realize. Ayavefe may not be able to predict exactly what will happen to his investments — and his clients’ investments — but he can prepare based on the tensions, tariffs, and taxes that will eventually affect the bottom lines.

Professional Skills and Experience

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe has carved out a place for himself due to his understanding, education, and people skills. He is a devoted learner who has excelled in international relationships, real estate, blockchain, and textiles. Above all else, though, he is a leader. Serving as CEO for multiple companies, he’s leaned on his family values to guide him. He has a vision of what he wants to see and works out a path to get there.

Along the way, he brings people up, however he can. He gives others the motivation they need to challenge themselves, particularly when it comes to how they contextualize their talents. Too many people put themselves into a specific category, which can prevent them from seeing the many potential paths in front of them. Companies like Milaya push boundaries, and people like Ayavefe are the ones who are driving the changes.


Dr. Yasam has always valued the benefits of formal education. Starting with a Computer Engineering and International Relations and Affairs degree at the University of Kyrgyzstan, he would receive his doctorate in Economics at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova.

These programs may have had different lessons to teach their students, but Ayavefe was adept at connecting different ideas in the classroom and the field. Because economics is often a matter of psychology instead of pure rational science, he could use what he learned from his international studies to anticipate better how different partnerships would fare over time. You can see this talent again and again throughout his career.


Yasam Ayavefe has long embraced philanthropy during his career, giving back to causes that he feels will impact the world around him most. Aligned with his philosophy at Milaya Capital Limited, one of his main goals is protecting the planet. This businessman has been especially vocal about the importance of nature since the pandemic. He has encouraged everyone to begin reevaluating their relationship with their surroundings.

As an ardent supporter of the Green Climate Fund, an international organization that shares the wealth of developed countries with those of developing countries, he has also specifically called out businesspeople to do the work. Climate change is happening, in part, due to the release of carbon into the air. Investors who are solely after short-term wealth will eventually see long-term failures in an unhealthier world.

He believes the future of every species depends on how the animals live in every ecosystem of the world, including oceans, forests, mountains, grasslands, and deserts. He’s started a cryptocurrency initiative called Green Climate World that will donate part of its revenue to protection agencies that need it most. No matter what, the sustainability factor will continue to play a large part in Ayavefe’s career.

Yasam Ayavefe